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The 100 Project

A Message to 100-Year-Olds & their Families

How it Works

You film. We edit for free.
It's easy to become a part of The 100 Project.
All you need is a smartphone and a little help from us.


Testimonial from Merle Moore

I loved the end result – it brought a tear to my eye seeing my memories brought to life.

Merle Moore - 102 years

Testimonial from Carolyn Gebbing

I absolutely enjoyed the whole process, it was so easy and if I did have any concerns John was always there to answer them. The final edit was fantastic and the memory of my grandmother and her life story will now be remembered and shared for generations to come.

Carolyn Gebbing - Granddaughter of Phoebe Parker

Testimonial from Kathryn Spence
  • Being involved in The 100 Project was an inspiration. I learned so much about my mother during her interview. The result was a fantastic time capsule on her life. We shared so many stories and humour as they triggered her memory. My family and friends loved it. Highly recommend and John was so helpful.

Kathryn Spence - Daughter of Barbara Hayes

Testimonial from Maria Geary

The 100 Project was the last thing Dad viewed before his passing a week later. He commented ‘Well that was very good!’

Something to certainly treasure by all members & future generations of the Cullen Family.

Maria Geary - Daughter of Fred Cullen

Testimonial from Antony Bowman

One of the most rewarding family experiences one could imagine… many never really get around to doing it until it’s too late… It was quite astounding what was revealed.

Antony Bowman - Son of Paula Bowman

Testimonial from Gordon &  Philip Coulter

The 100 Project team demonstrated an outstanding level of care, patience, talent and professionalism in producing a film which perfectly captures our Dad’s personality and provides a priceless glimpse into his long and remarkable life.

Gordon & Philip Coulter - Sons of Jim Coulter

Testimonial from Rev Bill Morgan

It gave me great pleasure to be filmed even though I was nervous beforehand. It has turned out very well and I am very humbled by people’s reaction to the video.

Rev Bill Morgan - 107 years

Testimonial from Carissa Dunn

Nan loved it.  She wore her birthday outfit and really enjoyed the hour interview and time together.  This footage will be treasured by us all – her children, grand children, great grandchildren and couple of little great great grandchildren!  

Carissa Dunn - Granddaughter of Joy Murphy

Testimonial from Bek Hyland

It was so easy doing the interview, I just followed the set up guide and asked the recommended questions (I also threw in a few of my own!). It was a treat going back through old photos to include too… We are so lucky to have this wonderful keepsake of her.

Bek Hyland - Granddaughter of Merle Moore

Testimonial from Gail Pascoe

It is so wonderful to have this video.  The whole family is grateful and we shall treasure it for a very long time.  This is when technology is used to make the world a better place

Gail Pascoe - Daughter of Lorraine Harvey

Testimonial from Elizabeth Nicol

Thankyou John and Ros for a wonderful treasured video of our dear Aunt. Her incredible memory and sense of humour never cease to amaze. She is admired, respected and loved dearly by all family members

Elizabeth Nicol - Niece of Josephine Cannell

Testimonial from Bill Swagell

It was riveting for me to watch mum speaking as I have never seen her speak before. She looked so dignified and philosophical as she spoke of all the hardship she faced alone… it moved me greatly. I was so proud for her and so grateful that she has been given this opportunity to tell and record her story.

Bill Swagell - Son of Rose Swagell

Testimonial from Sue Cummings

The visual and oral memory of my mother who died shortly after the filming is priceless and ours forever. My family was so lucky John Winter guided us through this process.

Sue Cummings - Daughter of Molly Cummings

Testimonial from John Rae

I wanted to thank you both from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of myself and my family. Brings tears to us all, to hear and see his voice again.

John Rae - Grandson of Stefan Kulesza

Testimonial from Marcel Leereveld

The experience was very pleasant and looking back over my life I felt proud of myself, it was good for my ego.

Marcel Leereveld - 104 years

Testimonial from Julia Kenny

I had so much fun making the video with Ros.

Julia Kenny - 100 years

Testimonial from David Bartolo

What a wonderful gift for our children and their descendants! You have woven all the pieces beautifully into a coherent story that will become part of our family’s heritage.

David Bartolo - Son of William (Bill) Bartolo

Testimonial from Wendy Murray

Thanks Ros and John our family is very happy with the production and will remain in our hearts and memories and very importantly our grandchildren to remember

Wendy Murray - Daughter of Bert Thompson

Testimonial from Ava Lustig

I would like to thank John and his team for my mother’s video. Incredible!

Ava Lustig - Daughter of Vera Rudner

Testimonial from Dave Rae

What an absolute privilege and treat to watch this. I love it. I’m completely happy with the final result 🙂

Dave Rae - Grandson of Stefan Kulesza

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