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Merle Moore

"think of the good things, not the bad things"

Merle was born in 1920. Life was VERY different back then!

Born in Cheltenham, Victoria, centenarian Merle Moore was brought up on her parent’s dairy farm at Heatherton.

Merle recalls her early days – walking miles to school, horse & cart rides home if she was lucky and picnic trips to the beach on the back of a farm truck. A home with no electricity – just kerosene lamps and candles. Life was hard but good until tragedy struck when she was a teenager.

Despite the challenges and the sadness, Merle’s positive outlook has carried her through her life: from Heatherton to Brunswick and then on to Canberra.  A long journey of 102 years.


Age in Video
102 years
Date of Birth
19th July 1920
Place of Birth
Heatherton VIC, Australia
Thanks To

Bek Hyland, Helen & Wal Childs, Merle’s extended family

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