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Margaret Tanner

"we were friends before we fell in love with each other"

Centenarian Margaret played golf until she was 99!

Margaret philosophy is all about giving it a go and that’s how she has lived her life whether it be volunteering during WWII or playing all kinds of sports.

She played golf with a nine-year-old when she was 99!

She had a very special marriage. They wed during the War but his early death meant, sadly, that it only lasted a few years. “I was never interested in anyone else”.

Her parents were important to her as revealed in her stories. Her father was a stretcher-bearer at Gallipoli and her Great Grandfather, a journalist, interviewed Ned Kelly!

Age in Video
102 years
Date of Birth
10th August 1920
Place of Birth
Chatswood, NSW, Australia
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Marghanita da Cruz

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