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The 100 Project

Home of Australia’s 100-year-olds

Born when children rode horses to school, telephones were rare and penicillin didn’t exist, our oldest citizens tell their stories and offer a unique perspective and insight into our world and its future.

Centenarians and Families: Create a video keepsake for the family and future generations and contribute to the Australian story.

Fun. Free. Forever.


You film. We edit for free.

Watch our tutorials to learn how to film a video interview of a centenarian using your smartphone. Then send it to us and we will professionally edit it.

As well as your video featuring on The 100 Project website and YouTube channel, you will receive a copy to share with family and friends. Some of your video might even appear in a documentary or TV series!

How It Works

The Filmmakers

Guiding The 100 Project are Australian filmmakers John Winter, whose extensive producing credits include feature films, Rabbit-Proof Fence and Paperback Hero, and Ros Walker, film lecturer and producer of documentaries, Into the Deep and Everybody’s Oma.

We now want to tell the stories of our oldest citizens. And we want to do it in a different way. With you. With your video and photos and our filmmaking experience, together we can contribute to Australia’s legacy and history.

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