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Fred Cullen

"I thought we should check that tree out, might be a sniper up there"

Inspiring Stories: A Veteran's Journey of Courage and Kindness

Born in Wangaratta and raised in Shepparton, Fred’s decision to join the Army during World War II would shape his life in unimaginable ways. Fighting alongside a 25 pounder gun in New Guinea, he faced the horrors of war head-on, surviving a near-fatal encounter with a Japanese sniper. 

After the war, he dedicated himself to helping war widows and contributing to the Weary Dunlop Foundation, ensuring that those who had sacrificed so much received the support they deserved. His remarkable acts of kindness and commitment to his community were recognized when he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) as part of the Governor-General’s Kindness in the Community Awards.

Age in Video
102 years
Date of Birth
13th June 1921
Place of Birth
Wangaratta, Australia
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Maria Geary

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