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Tom Fowler

"all hell breaks loose"

Fought in the biggest Naval battle in history

Tom Fowler was in the Royal Australian Navy in World War 2. His ship, the HMAS Westralia, narrowly survived a Japanese kamikaze attack.

Weaving his dry sense of humour into his extraordinary navy stories, Tom recounts how he unintentionally signed up for the Australian Navy and became an officers’ cook. He figured that the best way to ensure decent food was to cook it himself!

Now, at 102 years, he recalls his part in two of the most significant naval battles of WW2: Lingayen Gulf and the Battle of Leyte, which was the biggest naval battle ever fought!

Straight after the War, as part of an occupation force, he was sent to Hiroshima where he photographed the destruction.

Age in Video
102 years
Date of Birth
2nd September 1919
Place of Birth
Blackburn Victoria, Australia
Thanks To

Marilyn McIntyre, Gary Fowler, Andrew McIntyre

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