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Vera Rudner

"I used to get up in the middle of the night and start painting"

Recognised as Australia's first Female Surrealist Artist

Vera was born in Berlin in 1922, to Jewish Dutch and Austrian parents. Encouraged by her parents, she quickly discovered a love for painting and studied at a prestigious art school.

As a child, she acted in silent films. Her films were produced for the major German production company, Ufa Films.

Unfortunately, life took a turn for the worse when the Nazis rose to power in Germany and, as a young woman of Jewish background, she helped her family escape to Holland.

Vera and her family migrated to Australia during the war period where she continued to pursue her artistic interests and study art. Recognized as a pioneer of Australian surrealism, she produced notable works such as “Kaleidoscopio” in 1942 and “Sacrilege”, circa 1948, which were displayed in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra. 



Age in Video
100 years
Date of Birth
1st December 1922
Place of Birth
Berlin, Germany
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Viva Vayspap, Ava Lustig

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