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The 100 Project

Paula Bowman

"I had a beautiful family"

Love, devotion and resilience

Paula had a comfortable childhood in Yorkshire, England, with regular European holidays, but WW2 changed everything. Instead of attending a Danish finishing school, Paula volunteered as a nurse for the War effort.

War romances were complicated and Paula tells some wonderful stories about how she met and dated her future husband, Arthur, an Australian airman who was flying missions over Germany.

The death of her fighter pilot brother over Burma devastated the family and it took a lot of convincing before her father agreed that she could marry another airman.

Paula came to Sydney on the infamous ‘Bride Ship’ in 1946.

Taking up painting during Covid, and proving that ‘you’re never too old’, Paula has become an exquisite water colour artist.

Age in Video
100 years
Date of Birth
1st June 1922
Place of Birth
Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Thanks To

Antony Bowman, Tina Milson

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