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The 100 Project

James Burrowes

"The Coastwatchers saved the Pacific War"

Surviving WWII as a Coastwatcher

Following a tough upbringing in Port Melbourne, Jim enlisted in WWII at the age of 18. After a stint with the US Navy PT boats, he become a signaller in the Coastwatchers, a covert organization tasked with alerting Australia to looming military threats from the north. Stationed in enemy-occupied territory near Rabaul, Jim and his fellow soldiers, facing great danger, played a pivotal role in securing victory for the Allies in the Pacific. The Coastwatchers earned accolades from General Douglas MacArthur for their indispensable contributions to key battles and operations.

Jim is joined by his centenarian wife, Beryl Burrowes, as they recount their post-War romance and the unexpected twist of Jim “stealing” Beryl from his best friend!


Age in Video
100 years
Date of Birth
29th March 1923
Place of Birth
Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Thanks To

Robert Burrowes, Cath Burrowes, Tom Burrowes

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